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  • Are you aged between 18 and 26?

  • Are you loving and responsible?

  • Unmarried and have no children?

  • Do you love working with children?

  • Do you want to stay in abroad for a year?


  …then au pair may be right for you!!!


The word "au pair" is derived from the French language and

garners its meaning from the phrase "on mutuality". The

concept of au pair stems from the mutual agreement between

you as an Alphite and your host family. This allows you to not

only assist your host family with their everyday life but to also

assimilate yourself with the German culture while improving

your language skills.

Au pair is the right choice for many Alphites as it allows for

them to adapt to an everyday foreign life without the pressure

of full-time university studies. Au pair is a great pathway, not

only for those seeking a gap year abroad, but also for those

who wish to eventually study or take part in the varying

apprenticeships available in Germany and France.

what you should know


Au pair is about experience and the ability to take part in a great custom of cultural exchange. Germany is a hub of diversity as well as new experiences and your life as an Alpha au pair places the world at your feet. At Alpha Au pairs, your security is of paramount importance.

Our years of experience and partnerships with reputable partner agencies allow you to have the peace of mind that you will be matched with a host family that suits you. As an Alphite, you have rights which your host family must strictly adhere to and obligations and conditions that you too must adhere to.


*Please contact us to set an appointment with one of our qualified consultants to discuss your future as an Alphite and as an Au pair. On behalf of past and present Alphites, we welcome you, our future Alphite.*


Please contact us to set an appointment.

We will gladly explain the process!

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