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Study in germany

Congratulations on taking your first step towards your future, you are well on your way to becoming an Alphite and joining many of your Alphites past and present who have made the great trek to study and live in Germany.


We are here to guide you and ensure that this process is as seamless as possible. We know that this is not an easy process but our years of

experience ensure that we are able to guide you as you traverse this

pathway. We would like to welcome you, our future Alphite, and ask that you remember that a journey of a thousand miles begins with a single step.


All our consultants are experienced with German matters and have lived in Germany for a combined total of over a decade. So not only do we talk the talk, we've walked the walk, and continue to walk it to this day.


Once settled in Germany, one quickly realizes that the amount of

information still to be assimilated about this great country is daunting –

starting from learning one’s way around town, using the local

transportation system, to say nothing about getting to know the country as

a whole and its fascinating culture.

What’s it like to live and study in Germany? Well, for one thing, you would

probably be studying at a university which is among the best, not only in

Europe, but the world, with top-notch infrastructure and equipment; there

would most likely be a great library to do research for your assignments,

as well as a comfortable place to study in peace. Also, the German higher

education system has undergone a dramatic internationalization, which

means that you will get the chance to meet and study with people from all

over the world.

Germany is an economic superpower that has become a very attractive

place for students all over the world to pursue their studies, and ranks

right after the United States and Great Britain in that respect. Many

German universities are in the top 100 world rankings, having both

tradition and excellence in teaching, and where many Nobel laureates

have studied; so there isn’t a doubt that you will receive an extraordinary

education. Studying in Germany is amazing, easy and loads of fun.

living in germany


Going to a new place always means adjusting and learning about that

country and it’s culture. It is helpful to prepare yourself before going

abroad, for the new things you will encounter, by consulting books,

websites and forums, as well as getting recommendations from friends

that have been there before. To gain a good personal experience of

Germany, you have to submerge yourself in its culture, by getting to know

and spending as much time as you can with Germans around you, be it

students or locals.


There is no shortage of student clubs and activities on and off campus, so

if you are interested in activities like hiking or chess or whatever in your

home country, you can continue pursuing the same interests and engage

in the same activities and make new friends and learn German in the

process. You may have heard that Germans are somewhat reserved in

their interactions with others, and there may be some truth to it, but mostly

in the case of elders and dwellers of smaller towns. However, in larger

cities and places with a lot of young people, you’ll find out that they are

friendly and accepting of students from abroad.


The best part: there are universities in both large cities or quaint towns –

whatever suits your personality and needs.

german culture


Cost of living in Germany depends on the place where you will be studying and your lifestyle, but generally the basic expenses (such as accommodation, study materials, transportation, food etc) are close to the European Union average. Getting a student card is recommended as it allows access to discounts at museums, theaters, cinemas, public swimming pools and many other places so make sure you utilise your student status as much as you can.


You can work part-time and earn extra money to support your lifestyle while studying. Germany provides a great study-work-life balance.




The German transportation system is ranked amongst the best in the world. It's trams,buses and trains are known for their safety and efficiency and operate in almost all the regions in Germany.


*Ask your consultant about tips and tricks to save on transportation*




Health insurance is a pre-requisite for entry and admission into a German university.


*Ask your consultant about recognised and preferred health care providers*

health insurance


Germany being a member of the EU issues a schengen visa. This visa grants you access to other members of the European Union. This in turn opens up opportunities to travel and experience some new and fascinating countries.


*Ask your consultant about travel and recreational deals*



  • One-on-one consultation to establish your eligibility to study in Germany  

  • Helping you to secure all required documents

  • Forwarding your application to desired universities

  • Tracking the progress of your application

  • German language courses prior to departure

  • Assisting with details for your visa application

  • Picking you up from the airport

  • Helping you secure accommodation Integration services ie, help with registering yourself at your uni, central citizens' office, and health insurance

  • Translation at immigration office

  • Ongoing support, including but not limited to around the clock advice during your first month in Germany and Alphite group excursions


Please contact us to book an appointment with one of our consultants to discover the opportunities available for you in Germany.

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