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Our Nursing Pathway to Germany

Our Nursing Pathway to Germany is made possible by our partnership with Educaro, who are a leader in Ethical Migration for the Healthcare Sector in Germany. This partnership has allowed us to provide world-class Emmigration Opportunities at Zero Cost to the Applicants. Driven by a belief that the employer MUST pay for all expenses related to an incoming employee, this partnership is not only ground breaking, but a true testament to Alpha Academy's belief of changing lives, one person at a time.

Get in touch with your Alpha Academy representative to get started on your journey to Germany as a Qualified Nurse.

What do you get?




A professional and reliable support system for your migration.

Our biggest guarantee is that the process is entirely FREE for our applicants. We also guarantee placement with a World Class Healthcare Institution in Germany.

With over 1500 nurses placed to date, you are assured that you are part of a global family, that genuinely wants to see you succeed.

Our requirements

Our main belief is that your migration should not be a cost to you, the "Employer Pays" policy guides our operations and ensures that you have the smoothest possible transition into your career as a Nurse in a World-Class facility in Germany.


- Aged between 21 to 37

- A minimum of a Diploma in Nursing (Bachelors preferred)

- Verifiable Character References

- Verifiable Work References

- Verifiable Work Experience

- Valid Passport

- Valid Driver's Licence (optional)

Our intake process begins with an intake interview. This is where we get to know you better, as well as verify that you meet the minimum entry requirements. Intake interviews are held in person at our Bulawayo Campus or via WhatsApp/Zoom. 

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